‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Season 3 Ep 3 ‘Apparently Dead’: Great Grandpa’s Ghost!


It’s hard to have a serious funeral for a person named Candace Barr. What makes the funeral and wake of Brandy’s mom even more difficult, is the fact that the unknowing undertaker sewed her head back on, and well, that apparently clears the way for those death-loving deadites to repossess the body! Ashy-Slashy to the rescue, cuz deadites gotta get really-deaded, even in front of witnesses!

So Brandy still hasn’t quite understood that her beloved guidance counselor is a baddie sometimes called Ruby, still insisting on going to her for comfort when Ash gets too weird. Which is pretty much always.


Kelly, Pablo and the new tag-along Dalton decide its in everyone’s best interest to go back to Ash’s old cabin from the very original movie Evil Dead and retrieve the Kandarian dagger. But that place is all kinds of overrun with deadites and prehensile killing trees that kick much butt, so the Ghostbeaters have their work cut out for them!

It doesn’t help either, that Ruby thinks raising a very familiar face from the dead and sending him back to his old house, would be the best way to deal with Ash! At the very least, that kind of necromancy serves as a great distraction. Even Brandy, with family members dying all around her, has a hard time reconciling newly-risen-dead from deadite, and desperately tries to stop Ash from just chainsaw-slaying everything in his path!

Tune in next week to Ash vs. Evil Dead on Starz to find out what happened with Pablo’s brush with destiny!