Burnt – Movie Review


Release Date: October 30, 2015
Directed By: John Wells
Written by: Steven Knight (screenplay), Michael Kalensniko (story)
Stars: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Daniel Bruhl
Production Company: 3 Arts Entertainment, Double Feature Films, PeaPie Films
MPAA Rating: Rate R – for language throughout


First – Bradley Cooper speaking French is so sexy.
Okay, now that I got that out of the way.
If, and only IF, you are not into the world of hospitality and culinary art, then you should not watch this film.
I have been looking forward to this one, not just because I am a food blogger, but because I also feel that cooking is an expression of ourselves.
It is wonderful, so wonderful to be able to watch more movies that take us behind the scenes to show us the stress and intensity that exists in running a restaurant. I like walking out of a movie feeling like I need to sit down and have a $300 plate of an amazing dish and not be disappointed. If I had $300 to spend on dinner of course.
Bradley Cooper as a chef. With his shirt on, ladies. My movie date made a comment on the training he would have had to go through in order to play this role.
I am truly inspired to dig into my cooking arsenal of herbs and create amazing dishes.
Okay, definitely get more food from the farmer’s market. I am in love with truffles!!

Back to the film…
It was amazing. It is a love story with a man’s passion to leave a lasting impression on his customers by using the art of cooking. Doesn’t every Chef want to do that? I talk about the importance of chefs digging deep and creating dishes from the soul. The importance of having the right flavor express who you are in a dish.
Cooper’s character is a work in progress. Picking himself up after railroading his career in Paris and being able to return to Europe to try to make amends and do what he loves. Being in the kitchen.
Helene (Miller) is a fire cracker. Amazing saucier (I think in this one) and sous chef. Her character was creative and arrogant and helped Adam (Cooper) make his way into the 21st century with new equipment and a different take on flavor.
Still…Cooper speaking French.

Daniel Bruhl, I am going to be honest. I don’t really recall him in Inglourious Bastards. I didn’t watch Rush, but I liked him in this film. As Tony Ballardi, he brought out compassionate man. The man willing to give someone a second chance because he believed in him.

I walked out of that movie, inspired. You may or may not. You could watch this movie or not. I would go watch it.