The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Part Two)


Overview: Sabrina Spellman has signed her name in the book; she’s sacrificed her soul to save her friends… and now has embraced her dark side. She is determined to fight the devil but she loves her new power and has given up on her old school and friends.

Her life hangs in the balance and her future seems grim. Will Sabrina succumb or will her light shine through?

Cons: I do NOT like the Harvey/Sabrina/Rosalind story line (I’m team Harvey all the way) but I love Nick Scratch so…. damn.

It seems that this show has become a platform for social injustice, and every episode focuses on one (or more) issue that can distract from the main story line. Character building is important but it’s easy to lose focus if there are too many issues going on at once.

I did not like the fact that the ending was abrupt and almost too easy. I can’t say more without giving up some pretty big spoilers so I’ll say this, it was not the epic battle that I had hoped for and it had me saying; “what in the hell just happened??”

Pros: This season is darker and more violent with plenty of monsters to fight. The Aunts, Hilda and Zelda continue to dominate every episode and Lucy Davis is perfection in every scene. The writers held nothing back in this, giving us a shocking and mind blowing season filled with betrayal, social quandaries, intrigue and much more.

We see more of Susie/Theo and their struggle to be accepted for who they are, we have drama (Harvey and Sabrina) and we have conspiracies in spades. Michelle Gomez (Madam Satan/Lilith) is absolutely magical this season. She gives us strength and vulnerability flawlessly; she shows us Lilith’s story with grace and steel that coming from any other actress would have failed. In this character, she’s divine.

This season has more sexual content, graphic (bloody) scenes and one hell of an ending.

Conclusion: I cannot wait for Chapter 3! Netflix has given us another huge show with a stellar cast. Well worth your time I promise!