Me Before You (2016) – Movie Review


Release Date: June 3, 2016
Director: Thea Sharrock
Writers: JoJo Moyes (screenplay and novel)
Stars: Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin,Janet McTeer
Production Co: Metro Goldwyn Mayer, New Line Cinema
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for thematic elements and some suggestive material

Whatever you do, bring kleenex.
Me Before You is a story of love and humility. It’s a story of complete strangers getting to know each other the way you are supposed to get to know someone, by talking.
After a tragic accident, Will (Claflin) moves home, not by choice. Lou (Clarke) is a bright (literally) young woman trying to find a position to help her family out. Lou stumbles upon a position as a caregiver. Will is a jerk. He’s rude and a snob, but as the film progresses, you realize that he is just a man, trying to get his life back, but can’t.

You get to see the relationship between Will and Lou from complete strangers to a beautiful friendship full of deep love and respect for one another. It made me look back on my relationship. It should make anyone look at their relationship. If it’s good, then make it better, if it’s bad, go back to the basics.

Why I liked this film: It is blunt. Will is blunt. Lou is blunt. There was no holding back. Maybe a little bit with Will, but people wear their heart on their sleeves. You can see that in this film. I loved that despite the negative, Will supported Alicia (Vanessa Kirby) – just watch the film to see that part. I can say, you hate her. You will call her a quitter, but when Lou comes along, then you’ll think, MEH, Alicia Who?

The lesson, Live as if today is your last day. Live Boldly.

This is the PERFECT date night movie. Like, third date. If you are married, this will do it for sure. Then, after you watch this movie, tell your wife or significant other how much you love or care for them.
It may be a little predictable, but it’s a romance.