Dead Men May Tell No Tales But This Film Tells a Great One!


Release date:May 26, 2017
(3D/2D theaters and IMAX)

Studio:Walt Disney Pictures

Directors:Espen Sandberg, Joachim Rønning

MPAA Rating:PG-13 (for sequences of adventure violence, and some suggestive content)

Screenwriter:Jeff Nathanson

Starring:Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Javier Bardem, Kevin R. McNally, Stephen Graham, Golshifteh Farahani, Kaya Scodelario, Brenton Thwaites, Orlando Bloom, Paul McCartney, David Wenham, Stephen Graham, Keira Knightley

Genre:Comedy, Action, Adventure

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In this the 5th installment of the Pirates franchise, we see a throwback to some of the earlier films in the series. There is a strong focus on developing the characters, painting vivid environments, and building of well knit storyline.

Of course this film is carried along by a fantastic storyline wherein the different characters mature and intertwine making us, the audience, want to care about these individuals.

The film opens Will Turner’s son searching desperately for his his father, finding him with the help of mystic items and his love of lore. This is a driving theme for this character. We also are introduced to Carina, a young woman who is constantly being accused of sitch craft due to her love of science.

These two worlds meet in a most amusing fashion with lots of playful banter and flirtation. Both of these characters are in search of there respective fathers as well as Neptune’s Trident! This mythical item has been said to be able to cancel ALL curses and so is vital to this quest. In fact it is the driving force for all of the characters.

Jack, and his crew, are introduced in a spectacular opening scene that combines piracy as well as some old West elements, which had me cracking up!

Another thing that I’m glad they brought back was the sea battles! This is especially important in the development of Javier Bardem’s character. His is a story of hatred and revenge having list everything to Jack Sparrow.

New characters are introduced throughout the film such as: Carina Smyth (played by Kaya Scodelario), and Henry Turner (brought to us by Brentan Thwaites), who give fantastic performances! There are also a bevy of former crew members brought in to warm us with remembrances of the old!

The film did rely heavily upon CGI and blue screen, but I didn’t find it to be too much of a distraction. I found this film to be an absolute delight! It was well acted, full of humor, bursting with action, and had several twists within it!