OUTFEST 2017: “Becks” Is A Raw, Captivating Love Story

Some very lucky Angelenos were treated to the OUTFEST premiere of Elizabeth Rohrbaugh and Dan Powell’s musical drama “Becks.”
The most recent winner of LA Film Festival’s U.S. Fiction Award, “Becks” stars Tony Award Winner Lena Hall in the tile role, along with Mena Suvari, Dan Fogler, Christine Lahti, Hayley Kiyoko, Darren Ritchie, Natalie Gold, and Michael Zegen.
The film tells the story of Becks (Hall), a New York musician who returns to her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri after a crushing breakup with her girlfriend Lucy (Kiyoko). After reuniting with her old high school friend-turned-bartender, Dave (Fogler), he offers to have her play her music in his bar for tips. After taking him up on the offer and winning over the small crowd, Becks catches the eye of Elyse (Suvari), a wealthy housewife married to a former high school bully that Becks resents (Ritchie). After Becks agrees to give Elyse guitar lessons, the two develop a deep friendship that eventually evolves into an intense love affair.
Hall, known best for her work on Broadway in “Kinky Boots” and “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” makes her first major performance in a feature film seem as though she’s been doing it for years. Her rebellious performance as Becks is accompanied by an incredibly raw rock star voice that will move even the toughest of the tough to tears. Suvari is also incredible as Elyse, displaying the loneliness and pain that comes with being curious and unsure about one’s sexuality.
Other standouts include the hilarious Dan Fogler as the lovable best friend Dave and Christine Mahti as Becks’ religiously conservative mother, Ann. In a career defining performance, Mahti portrays Ann as a mother that still loves her daughter despite her sexuality, but is still unable to fully understand that homosexuality isn’t a lifestyle choice, putting a strain on their relationship.
In a Q&A following the film, it was revealed by composer Alyssa Robbins that the film is a collaboration loosely based on a break-up she experienced; forcing her to return to her hometown in a similar fashion. Robbins’ own experiences and feelings can be heard and felt in her original songs sung by Hall in the film. Overall, “Becks” is a heartfelt tale of love, loss, and a pursuit of true happiness that comes strongly recommended from yours truly.