Comic Con 2017: Mile High Comics to Leave SDCC


After 44 years, the popular comic book retailer, Mile High Comics, will no longer be appearing at San Diego Comic Con. This may come as a blow to comic book fans and enthusiasts who are regulars at the con.

“San Diego has gone far beyond its original premise, morphing from what was originally a wonderful annual gathering of the comics world, into a world-renown pop culture and media festival,” said Chuck Rozanski, President of Mile High Comics.

Rozanski went on to explain that this isn’t the only reason making the store wish to withdraw, nor is the high cost of renting a booth at the con. Mile High’s main issues are their lack of foot traffic and their treatment by members of the SDCC staff. Rozanski recalled an incident at last year’s con, saying, “The freight handlers that they [SDCC] hired failed to deliver our comics to our booth.”

With an empty comic booth and little to no intel from SDCC, Rozanski and his staff were forced to sit around all day waiting for comics that never came. “After 44 years of my supporting them through good times and bad that was just too much indifference to endure,” noted Rozanski, “I will very much miss San Diego, but I doubt if the convention management will even notice that I am gone. Such is life.”