Justice League Worth the Wait


After the impressive run of Wonder Woman everyone was waiting on pins and needles to see if they could repeat that success.

Everyone knew that Justice League was up next but no one knew if we were gonna get the overly dark and gritty (to the point of absurdity) DC Extended Universe or Marvel Cinematic Universe light (to the point of imitation, and not the sincerest form of flattery type). Luckily, we got a mixture of both that shows a continuance of the course that was laid out in Wonder Woman.

My main complaint with the DC movies in general is the excess that computer generated imagery is used in the films. That is still the case here but it seems as if they are getting a grasp on how to use it where it isn’t taking you out of scenes but, instead enhancing them. It is by no means perfect but on the right track.

The villains also were also a gripe for me but, then again, almost no superhero show or movie has gotten villains correct. This time isn’t that much of a switch. At least Steppenwolf isn’t some lame British dude lacking any intimidation factor or a powerful witch who for a majority of her onscreen time stands in a singular spot waving her hands above her head. Steppenwolf is a hulking monster conqueror from another dimension. Maybe that is just all they have over there but, villains always feel like after thoughts in these superhero movie.

Overall, they did a decent job introducing the three new members of The Justice League in Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg. Aquaman is the quintessential too cool for school jerk of the group which is supposed to be Batman but I guess the group can use two. Momoa is good as Aquaman but they have him play the character a little too bro like.

Cyborg I thought they did a decent job portraying as a valuable member of the team. They absolutely had to do a good doing this as most kids know him as a member of the Teen Titans. The Flash I liked the most of the new additions. He’s a massive fan boy of the other members of The JL and it is hilarious. Ezra Miller is better than expected in the role and a joy to watch as he meets his heroes and becomes one in the process.

The story has been disparaged because it feels like a setup for something else. That point of view is ridiculous as every hero film has been a setup for the next film in the universe and it’s overarching story line. The story and characters are fine and the new additions fit right in. The villain could’ve been stronger but ended up being par for the course in the genre. All in all, I’d give Justice League a 3.5 out of 5 rating. It’s not a perfect film but, a clear indication that DC has learned from it’s past mistakes and is ready to move forward in a more focused direction.