Evil Dead in Concert Tears the Roof Off of The Ace Hotel


Last night The Theatre at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles gave in to its dark urges with the first ever performance of Evil Dead in Concert. It was quite literally a once in a lifetime experience. While it’s possible the show may go on tour this world premiere brought out not only hardcore fans but the man himself, Bruce Campbell to be the master of ceremonies.


“This night is about Joseph Loduca, the composer for Evil Dead,” he told the audience before starting the movie. “Originally the film is all synth but now that he’s done pretty much every TV show you can think he thought it might be a good idea to give this another shot.”

Loduca and his orchestra set up behind the screen and gave a brand new interpretation of the original score. The end result is captivating and mesmerizing.  The movie pops in all the right places and feels like the true masterpiece that it always was.

But there was so much going on besides the music. The decision to have the concert in the Ace Hotel was genius. The architecture of the building gives off a natural gothic vibe with eerie overtones. There are urban legends about the place being haunted. Without even trying one gets the feeling that the building is alive and that only adds to the creepy atmosphere of the film.


The movie decided to become interactive as well.  Taking a nod from Rocky Horror the film was occasionally interrupted by “the evil that seeps out of the theater” and demons from the 1920s took over the stage to perform cabaret that seemed to oddly compliment the movie’s more gruesome scenes. Not everything worked but it was an interesting touch that spaced out some of the blood and guts of the movie.

It should be noted that Bruce Campbell was not the only star of the night. Harry Potter star Evana Lynch took the stage before the event began and did an intense live performance of Edgar Allen Poe’s “Telltale Heart.” She was accompanied on stage by Lili Haydn who played violin while she performed. The theater itself seemed to pulsate as the story progressed reaching a truly moving climax. Though short and sweet it started the night out on an epic high and set the tone perfectly for the Evil Dead movie that followed.