From The Five Dollar Bin: Iron Man 3


Release Date: May 3,2013
MPAA Rating:PG-13
Director: Shane Black
Studio: New Line Cinema
Genre: Action
Stars: Robert Downey Jr. Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce

This movie makes me really sad. Not because it’s a bad film, but because it could signal the end of an era. Tony Stark has been Robert Downey Jr. since day one and he portrayed the character with utter perfection that it’s hard to see anyone else filling his rather large boots. Unfortunately, this may be the case as his last turn as the billionaire, playboy might come after The Avengers 2. If this is the end for Downey Jr. then he’s going out with a bang, a huge bang. Let me wipe my fan boy tears away and get to the review.

Ironman 3 follows life after the events in New York from The Avengers movie. Tony Stark has become a shut in. He works tirelessly on new suits and technology in his lab for fear of another attack from unknown enemies. He’s afflicted with PTSD as he’s become traumatized from the experience of meeting aliens, gods, and monsters. He wakes up from nightmares of the battle against Loki. He can’t even hear people talk about the events without freaking out. While being asked about what he was going to do about a new terrorist calling himself The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), Tony calls out the psychopath in front of a swarm of reporters. This of course brings ruin to Starks front door and The Mandarin levels his home with a helicopter assault. From this point on Starks whole world is turned upside down.

This movie was almost perfect my only complaint was the complete non-factor the 3-D was in the film. They had really cool customized Ironman 3 glasses and no real 3-D parts to speak of. It seemed to me to be a ploy to grab a few more bucks from the viewer’s pockets. But, beside that this film is pitch perfect from the pacing to the performances of the main and bit players. Of course, Tony Stark is played aptly by Downey Jr. as always. Don Cheadle cemented himself as James Rhodes. I don’t think Terrance Howard would’ve been as effective in the role if he continued after the first movie. Kingsley is brilliant in his role in the film and one of the many pleasant surprises throughout Ironman 3. The banter and chemistry between Downey Jr. and Ty Simpkins as Harley is phenomenal. Stark pretty much finds his smart mouthed snarky child counterpart in Harley as they constantly go back and forth with one another and form a cute little friendship.

I mean I could rant about this movie more and more but I think that seeing this film will tell you more than my internet geek out session in this review. If you read the previous three paragraphs you know that I loved this film and I have a sneaking suspicion you will too. Oh yeah, and stay behind for the now standard after credits additional scene in Avengers related movies.  Ironman 3 takes home 5 out of 5 stars as the 3-D money siphon isn’t enough to diminish any part of these two hours of movie magic. Fingers crossed we get at least one more performance out of Robert Downey Jr. in Avengers 2.