5 Expectations for Stan Against Evil Season 3


I would like to start this article by introducing myself. My name is Nick Thyes and I am a “Stan Against Evil” fan. So much so that I created a podcast about it called “Pod Against Evil”, which led the fine people of “That’s My Entertainment” inviting me to write about this amazing little horror show. Since season 3 will be arriving this fall, I think it would be fun to go over some expectations for the new season. From what we have seen from the first two seasons of the show, I think I can sum up what “Stan Against Evil” has in store for us in one word… “More”
SAE is one of those shows that knows what it is and accomplishes what it sets out to do in a spectacular way. It is a show that really doesn’t need to change anything major about itself in order to be successful. All it really needs to do is give us more of what we love. And since that is exactly what happened with season 2, I think it stands to reason, we can expect that from the next season as well. So without further ado, here are the top 5 things I am expecting/hoping for from season 3 of “Stan Against Evil”.

1) More Crazy Monsters

“The pony needs blood!”

There is nothing like a special effects team firing on all cylinders, creating delightful practical monstrosities. The show already has an amazing menagerie of witches and monsters, potbelly demon pigs, evil infants, and the glory that is the werepony. I don’t see why this would change for season 3 and I wait eagerly to see what deliciously devious horrors the show throws at us. The news that David Koechner is returning and will have a storyline in which he changes into some type of insect creature has me feeling comfortably assured on this particular front. Keep up the great work Autonomous FX.

2) More Great Guest Stars

“Showmanship and Pizzazz!”

SAE has had it’s share of amazing guest stars including the likes of Patty McCormack, Jonah Ray, Steven Ogg and honestly any horror comedy show that doesn’t have Jeffery Combs in it at some point, is doing something wrong. This also looks like a tradition that will continue as it is already confirmed some of the people appearing will be Christopher Mintz-Plasse as a star from a fictional vampire show, Scott Adsit as an apathetic demon-plumber, and Maria Bamford as the no-nonsense Nurse Pickles and also the second voice talent the show has utilized from “Legend of Korra” which is never a bad thing in my book.

3) More World Building

“A place full of ding dongs doing all kinds of bologna”

The show has been expanding it’s mythos overtime and considering how season 2 ends, I expect there to be a big shift in the dynamic of at least the first few episodes. I don’t think anything too big should be expected, as this show is at its best when it is doing the monster of the week thing with long running plot stuff in the background. Season 2 makes a great move of giving some background to the witches and demons that are after our dynamic duo. Just a little explanation of how they ran afoul of Constable Eccles goes a long way in giving us some pathos to these poor souls and makes Eccles feel like a constant pervading threat. I hope they continue this as well as show us a little bit more of the Black Hat Society and what it does during the whole demon apocalypse thing.

4) More Denise!

This is a more personal one for me since I am a millennial that feels constantly unprepared for being an adult in the real world and I feel that Denise is my spirit guide. Deborah Baker Jr. kills it in this part, she was born to play. I would absolutely love if, in the new timeline, she assumed Claire’s role and Stan and Evie find her leading some kind of resistance as some sort of Buffy/Mad Max hybrid. Oh! Or maybe a body switch episode where we can see Varney or McGinley’s impression of Denise. I could do this all day!
What can I say? She is my favorite character on the show and I selfishly want more of her.
Sue me!

5) More Dynamic Duo Bonding

Of course what’s really at the heart of the show is the relationship between the two leads. John C McGinley is a comedic TV legend and Janet Varney rises to his level and then some. What I think people take for granted is how much John and Janet sell their emotional beats here. Whether it is Stan taking a moment to grieve his wife or Evie portraying gratitude and understanding with just a look, these two sell the crap out of their emotional bond and deeper relationship in mere seconds. They are friends of the deepest kind. The kind that have been through hell together. While they are both too tough to ever admit how much they respect one another, I hope to see more of these rare moments of acknowledging their building relationship. I would seriously love if the last shot of this show was just these two sitting on the coach together watching TV and sharing a beer.

And that is my top 5 expectations for Season 3. What are some of your expectations? Leave a comment below or hit me up on twitter at @NickThyes. In the meantime keep those shovels up Stan fans!