Young Justice: Outsiders Recap – “First Impression”


In a spectacular fashion, DC Universe has unveiled the second part of Young Justice Outsiders.

In the aftermath of the previous season, the Justice League is struggling to win back the trust of the public after the destruction they unwillingly caused while under control of the terrorist organization, “The Light”. An insectoid alien species known as “The Reach” have allied themselves with The Light in an effort to awaken the dormant meta-human gene in all humans for their own benefit. The Justice League both young and old have dedicated themselves to stop this process of meta-human trafficking at all costs.

This particular episodes begins with Beast Boy calling a meeting to suggest a new public team of the younger heroes consisting of himself, Blue Beetle, Wonder Girl, Static, Kid Flash, and Geo-Storm. They all use Beast Boy’s Hollywood home as their headquarters.

Shortly after getting settled in. The Reach launches an attack with their “Battle Bugs” vehicles. Aquaman is first on the scene, but is vastly outnumbered until Beast Boy and the gang arrive. The new team defeats The Reach together and even stops their mothership from crashing in the city. In an interview with the “Newsgirl Legion”, Beast Boy refers to their new group as not part of the Young Justice League, but as “Outsiders”.

Young Justice Outsiders airs weekly on the DC Universe app.