Young Justice Outsiders Recap: “Early Warning”


A few months after the formation of the Outsiders, the team already has proven themselves as a valuable asset to the public.

Meanwhile in Cuba, the villainous Klarion uses his magic to torture and awaken the meta-human gene in several kidnapped teenagers. Upon awakening the gene, Klarion brands them, putting the teens under his control.

Unsatisfied with any of the results of the teens’ mutations, he combines them all into a giant monster. The Justice League becomes aware of this and Zatanna magically restores the victims to their own bodies. She then engages Klarion and ends up trapping him (and herself) in the Tower of Fate’s labyrinth. In the end, The Outsiders succeed in their mission and bring the kidnapped teenagers to Taos.

This episode proved to be just as action packed as ever, providing spectacular action sequences. It’s also proven itself to be one of the more unnerving episodes to date, with its violent depiction of torture. Fans can rest assured that the worst is yet to come for our heroes.

Young Justice Outsiders airs weekly on the DC Universe app.