You Get Me Is A Good Late Night Watch


What’s new on Netflix for those who enjoys thrillers. Okay, a psych thriller. Emphasis on “PSYCHO.” You want a love triangle? This might be the movie for you, on a Sunday night, just to relax. Grab that glass of wine and get to your Netflix account and search for You Get Me. It might be on your suggested list, because Netflix knows you like Psych Thrillers.

So, this movie is clearly set in CA, the Valley to be correct (it was filmed in Santa Clarita – how much more valley can you get). There is this amazing cute little couple (in high school, I might add), Ali (Sage, Before I Fall) and Tyler (Smith, Cruel Intentions). Just adorable right? Of course! The movie gives you some background on Tyler and the kind of upbringing he has, and then Ali, of course. Then they go to a party and, well, things hit the fan. Tyler bumps into Holly (Thorne, Famous in Love) and well, you know what happens, right?

Well, what you don’t know and you soon find out, Holly is crazy. Like, go get your bat and beat her senseless, CRAZY! As the story unfolds, we watch as Holly goes from a silly, cute girl by changing schools to full fledge crazy! Someone GET HER MEDS!!! Honestly, what teenage girl can not catch that someone as hot as Holly is trying to get her man on the down low? That may have been a spoiler.

Who doesn’t like Bella Thorne. With her varied acting resume and the fact that she seems to end up playing some kind of mean girl, our girl takes crazy to a whole new level in You Get Me. There is definitely drama. It may be a little bit predictable.

Moms, you know what to do right? Bella Thorne, if you remember her from Famous In Love and Scream: The TV Series, she steps in to these antagonistic roles, SO WELL. Almost like it comes naturally to her.

Halston Sage (in love with her name), known for her roles in Goosebumps (as Taylor) and recently in Before I Fall (as Lindsay Edgecomb), plays Alison Hewitt. Alison, is the “America’s Sweetheart” and the perfect girlfriend. You know, she really sees the good in Holly, but GURL!! Come on! No one likes a fake friend. Holly is that one “innocent” girl all the girls in the clique talk about. Definitely, a high school movie, with a twist.