You Can’t Have It


Directed by Andre Gordon
Executive Produced By: Daniel Finnerty
Produced By: Lyle Howry
Production Co: Skinfly Entertainment, Four Horseman Films, Daniel Lord Films
Starring Armand Assante, Joanna Krupa, Matt Pohlkamp, Dominique Swain, Lisa Ann Walter,
Jillian Murray, Mindie Robinson, Kevin Porter and Rob Gronkowski


You Can’t Have It will be released in theaters in select cities in April 2016. Joanna Krupa and Matt Pohlkamp star in this intrigue on who to really trust with secrets. There is quite a few secrets here and there is a center piece to all of it! I wondered what Armand Assante’s role was in this, but to me, he doesn’t really need one. He is just as debonair and suave as I remember him from Mambo Kings (oy…I just dated myself didn’t I)!!

I enjoyed the fight scenes. There is nothing more awesome than fighting in a bar than in a bathroom where you can totally have sex in. More bars should be open to that. Maybe. I’ll keep my views on that to myself.
It keeps you guessing. Tammy is a boss. Kind of. She reminds me of me when I was younger (there I go again). Now I just go with the flow. The title threw me off, but I get it now after watching.