WonderCon @ Home 2021 – Women in Production: From Fans to Career


Diversity and representation matter, especially in the world of pop culture. That is why WonderCon @ Home’s “Women in Production” panel was so important. Unlike many other panels that focused on the past this one focused on the future of women as creators in pop culture.

The panel included Shoshana Sachi (executive story editor, Doom Patrol), Angélique Roché (host, writer, and producer), Miracole Burns (super-suit supervisor, Doom Patrol), and Miya Tamlyn (makeup artist) as they talk about their introduction to fandom and community, and how they used those skills to advance to a career within the entertainment industry.

Each of their varied experiences really came out in the panel. Though many of them now work on the same show they were first introduced to world of comics in their own way and it had a lasting impact on them.

One of the most common theme among the group was how big an influence cosplay played a role in their development as a geek as well. Though considered a standard part of convention life now that is something that was more or less sidelined a few decades ago. But those in the cosplay community will tell you, including the women on the panel, that it really helped to shape who they are now and discover themselves.

The variety of fandoms represented was great to see as well. Many didn’t have a straight line path to the world of pop culture. Some came at it through Wonder Woman and She-Ra others through Star Trek and Lord of the Rings. More proof that there’s no one right way to be a fan.

It is a bit of a shame that the group didn’t talk more about their experiences actually working to form these new pop culture touchstones, like Doom Patrol, but their passion for it came through in the panel. Sometimes less is more and that certainly holds true in this case. I look forward to seeing an expanded version of this panel hopefully one day in person at WonderCon next year.