Where is the Story? A Critique of Modern Cinema


Modern movies: modern movies seem to be lacking something these days. Something that had kept the industry moving for decades. That thing is story. That thing is substance.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some rather amazing movies out there. Movies with strong character development, solid writing and stories that take you on an amazing journey, however, I have been in contact with several people both in and out of the local film community. I have spoken to John Q. Public, and the consensus seems pretty universal. People want more substance from the film’s that are coming out.

Film’s like The Seventh Son, Piranha and others like those, have limited story lines. They seem designed for the quick and fast video game mindset. Characters are brought forth but with not enough development for one to care about them, so when those characters experience something such as Death, loss, joy, whatever the case may be, we are not connected and therefore don’t care. There is no reason to care, because you haven’t developed any kind of relationship.

Films like The Forgotten, Pan’s Labyrinth, or even something like Pacific Rim seem to have more depth of development. I am writing this from the perspective of a person who LOVES movies! Now before you start up with the “but sometimes you just want to check your brain at the door…” speech, I am very aware of that idea, sometimes that’s just what you need. My problem is that the ratio between cotton candy films and steak and potato films is disproportionate.

Come on Hollywood! We, your fans, need more films like Cabin in the Woods, Collateral Beauty, Hell or High Water and even something lighthearted like Red. We, the fans, Jonesin’ for it.

Anyway, this is merely the opinion of a regular, movie living, individual, who’s tired of the one night stands and is ready for something with a little more “substance”.