What Was Supposed To Be A Trip On The Wild Side Turned Out To Be A Trip On The Mild Side.

20,000 years ago in Europe, they had a LOT of CGI. Seriously though, this film set itself up to be kind of an action-like movie with fights and prehistoric beasts, but instead what we get is a story about how mankind first domesticated the dog.

We have a warrior tribe getting ready to go on a hunt that will supply them food for the harsh winter to come. Unfortunately, there is an accident that causes one of the group, the chief’s son, to be separated from the group. This is where the journey really begins. In this survival of the fittest type of story, we have the main character facing harsh nature, floods and at one point Beasts.
PHOTO BY:Courtesy of Sony Pictures Mammoths in Columbia Pictures and Studio 8’s ALPHA.

His greatest enemies however are the elements of themselves. Between his injuries, lack of food, not knowing exactly where he’s going, and the insert of wolves chasing him, this character has a lot to deal with. I think the story while presenting itself as an action type film, is far more of a drama.

Keda (Kodi Smit-McPhee) with Alpha in Columbia Pictures and Studio 8’s ALPHA.

The main character initially sets out to make his father proud, but due to the accident, is separated and so must fend for himself, that is until he runs into a pack of wolves, who chase him up a tree and while he defends himself he injures one of them. Upon waking in the morning he sees the animal has been abandoned by the pack and since both of them are injured there begins a little bit of a bond. At this point that your knee has to do with both of them getting back to the young man’s Village and the trials and tribulations that they have to face were in the bond strengthens and the Wolf becomes somewhat domesticated.

PHOTO BY:Alan Markfield Keda (Kodi Smit-McPhee) with Alpha in Columbia Pictures and Studio 8’s ALPHA.