Watch these X-Men Fans lose it during The X-Men Fandom Surprise Party Panel


The X-Men Fandom Surprise Party was created for Comic-Con @ Home’s digital panel series.  Moderator Chandler Poling invited X-Men influencers to join him on a panel to talk about their love of the characters and comics.  What the panelists didn’t know is that Poling pre-planned celebrity pop-ins to surprise the panelists!

Watch as voice actors Lenore Zann (Rogue) and Cal Dodd (Wolverine) from X-Men The Animated Series, and Finola Hughes (Emma Frost) from Generation X, make cameo appearances allowing the panelists to gush about their impact on the X-Men universe.

Panelists include Amanda Lynne (cosplayer), Dylan Carter & Regina Givens (House of X), Khelan Bhatia (Homo Superior Podcast), Jake Wallace (X-Club), and Chris Riley (X-Reads Podcast).