WandaVision: The Woman Behind the Curtain


Episode 7 of WandaVision finally gave the audience definitive answers to some of the show’s biggest questions. It also left viewers with a lot more questions. WARNING MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD!!

Still with me? Good. Considering how much is at stake WandaVision is a surprisingly short series. At just 10 episodes it has a lot of ground to cover and even less time to do it by sticking to its sitcom format. But that structure is starting to fray all around Wanda as it’s becoming more and more clear that though she thinks she’s in control she might not be the puppet master she has made herself. That position instead goes to her neighbor Agnes aka Agatha Harkness.

Though Agatha is kind of a deep cut fans to have been suspecting that’s who the character has been since the show first aired. Now that it’s confirmed it cracks the MCU wide open and puts Wanda deep into supernatural territory. It’s no surprise WandaVision is supposed to lead directly into Doctor Strange 2, I’m surprised he hasn’t been warned about the New Jersey Anomaly already.

Agatha is not only responsible for everything going wrong in Westview but it looks like she’s responsible for breaking back Pietro, though chances are that’s just his body. More and more it looks like Mephisto is involved in some capacity after all and is probably the real Big Bad of the series. There have been hints of Mephisto all season and now that’s Wanda is in Agatha’s lair it is time for the façade to come crashing down and Wanda to come to terms with reality.