WandaVision Comes to a Striking End


WandaVision covered a lot of ground in just nine episodes. By the time the self-contained story came to a close, it bought with it some fairly alarming new realities for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Due to its approach to the genre, the series was never tied to having a villain or a big fight at its conclusion but it managed to do both. And while not all loose ends were tied up, since this is the MCU it opens up a wide variety of storytelling moving forward.

While WandaVision wasn’t the first Marvel TV show it is the first to fully incorporate itself into the MCU and involve The Avengers themselves. That means little things here will have big effects on movie continuity as well. That being said, the series has something real to say and says it well.

In hindsight, WandaVision tells pretty much the same story as Wonder Woman 1984 but its execution is much, much better. Both women are dealing with grief and loss and take refuge in fantasy as a result. But where Wonder Woman not only muddled its approach but broke quite a few ethical rules (without repercussion) WandaVision doesn’t shy away from the problems it has created.

Yes, Wanda did essentially take a whole town hostage to fulfill her own fantasy but it wasn’t intentional. Once she is aware of that fact she temporarily lifts the hex and lets everyone escape. Even once everything goes back to “normal” the townsfolk still look at Wanda like a villain, and that’s understandable.

Meanwhile, in Wonder Woman 1984, Diana’s wish basically abducted a man who she later slept with and put in mortal danger multiple times. When she finally does take back her wish she neither knows nor cares what happened to that man’s life. She simply leaves him among a crowd of panicked people. Yes, Wanda did bring Vision back to life but it was in a brand new body. She didn’t abduct a random person and make him a puppet. There are major ethical questions at play that, to their credit, Marvel handles pretty well.

If you were impressed by WandaVision I’ve got some good news for you. This is just the beginning. After  being absent throughout 2020 Marvel is finally ready to roll out at least some of it’s phase 4 through Disney Plus shows. In just two weeks The Falcon and The Winter Soldier premieres so get ready for lots more fun.