Wanda Vision And The Triumphant Return Of The MCU


WandaVision airs this week on Disney+ and while it may not seem like much at first glance it’s actually a fantastic return into the pop culture arena by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  With COVID hitting hard in 2020 the MCU chose to sit out last year instead of hedging its bets that 2021 would be a better time to debut its content. 

That hiatus created a strange gap in the world of pop culture as DC unquestionably took over the conversation with its inclusion in HBO+ and the recent release of Wonder Woman 1984. Now, in a strange reversal of fortune, DC is actually the go-to brand name in comic book culture. 

All of that is likely to change once WandaVision airs on Disney+ at the end of the week. The plot remains largely a mystery but there are enough secrets hiding within that it is sure to shake things up in the universe. The previews alone seem big and bold and ready to push the envelope in all the ways that Wonder Woman 1984 never delivered on. 

More than that, it’s also the first full-fledged Marvel show with key members of the Avengers as main characters. Marvel has spent years building out its TV universe but that always seemed separate and distinct from its cinematic universe. Not so starting with WandaVision. Now there will be no question that what happens on the screen will make waves for the rest of the MCU. 

WandaVision premiers on January 15, 2021, on Disney+.