Vulture Festival 2018 My Scrubs Family Reunion


On November 17 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles California, fans dedicated to the medical dramedy Scrubs gathered for one night to see their beloved sacred heart family gather once more.

It was a highly anticipated, sold-out event with fans coming as far as Australia to see the likes of Zach Braff(JD),Sarah Chalke(Elliot), Donald Faison(Turk), John C. McGinley(Dr.Perry Cox), Judy Reyes(Carla), Neil Flynn(Janitor), Ken Jenkins (Dr. Bob Kelso), Christa B. Miller (Jordan) and the show’s creator Bill Lawrence.

It was an amazing site to behold with fans, industry professionals, alike anxiously waiting to hear if their beloved show would be rebooted for today’s audiences. I had a chance to speak to one fan who organized a Scrubs Fanclub get together where people from all over the world shared drinks talking about past episodes and favorite lines and characters.

“This show has impacted so many people in wonderful ways. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had some tough times in their life and the show just finds a way to carry you through the pain. “ Many cited their mentors in the show. “Dr. Cox is my spirit animal….. I used to think I was JD but in reality, We are all like Dr. Cox inside”.
The fans roared with excitement as their favorite characters took the stage greeting an auditorium of cheering fans standing up to see their long-lost Scrubs family.
It has been 8 years since the entire crew has come together and everyone wanted to know if the show was to return.

Earlier in the year, Zach Braff hinted that everyone was “all in” on returning and that the chance of having a short movie or miniseries was not improbable Audiences were also teased with an AI written Scrubs episode read by Zach over social media.

The cast was so talented and moved on to continued success that the only way a reboot would ever be considered if any of them became destitute. Lawrence didn’t believe in making the series citing that it would look like a “money grab” and acknowledged the fans requests for the series return.

He did mention there was a very strong possibility of a short 2-hour Scrubs movie that possibly would continue with the married lives of JD and Elliot, Perry and Jordan and Carla and Turk. The rest of the supporting characters would also be present. The cast reminisced about their favorite inside jokes and the tenacity of John C. McGinley’s performances. There was even a surprise guest as Rob Maschio (The Todd) appeared wearing his scrubs and surgical cap complete with banana hammock.

There was a short question and answer period where fans would be able to ask their questions. Donald Faison enthralled audiences with his rendition of Sanford and Son. Fans asked him to do the Poison dance but since it was used in the popular online game Fortnite and the actor was not receiving compensation for it, it was a no go.
Then time was up. It seemed like the hour had passed all too quickly as the cast left the stage and fans hearts were broken.

However, there was an announcement today that Scrubs pops would be released in the near future and a prototype was already announced through Zach Braff and Original Funko’s twitter feed. The pops are expected to arrive in January 2019. The first series includes JD, Turk, Elliot, and Dr. Cox.