Venom Has No Bite


You take one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies. Have one of the best actors today play him. Add a bit of comedy and a few explosions and you have one of the most confused mixed bag Marvel movies to date.

It was clear early on in the roll out process for this film that there was trouble in paradise. Everyone who even just saw the trailers were panning the film based off of the few seconds or minutes they were allowed to see of footage.

Honestly, I’ve never put much stock in these alarmist rantings but, they had it correct. The film never quite found it’s footing as it doesn’t know what it wants to be. It tries to be as dark as the head eating alien subject would warrant but, also wants to makes audiences laugh with that same alien snapping jokes and quips at everyone throughout the film. He’s a “hero” because he saves people but for selfish reasons.

It’s like Sony wanted a darker Spider Man/Avengers film but dropped this on to the masses instead. The acting is solid but the cast can only do so much with the terrible material they were given. The villain is a Elon Musk type scientist with a God complex. But, even he is uninteresting throughout. The forced love interest angle placed on this film is annoying at best and feels included simply because…feelings?

In all honesty, this movie is not good. Fantastic talent on screen couldn’t save this debacle. All I can say is they tried and failed spectacularly. Hopefully a reboot and real effort to get one of Spider Man’s greatest opponents to the screen and in the correct way.

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