USA Hits The Summer With The Sinner


Why did she do it? Do what you can to watch this show! I’m not sure how to express this, but waiting for weeks for this show to come out, then not able to watch it was excruciating. BUT, Hulu has a live TV option. SCORE!

To see Jessica Biel in a limited TV series is refreshing. Oh, this show is so limited. 8 episodes and the story unfolds within minutes. Maybe USA Network is testing this out to gauge interest from the public. You know, who would watch it, how many would watch it, that kind of thing. The series is an adaptation of the novel by Petra Hammasfahr. Never read it, but it just might be a good read. Each episode escalates and ends on a cliffhanger for the next episode. There are no questions. Wait, there is the one question, Why did she do it? What triggered Cora that day on the beach?

Each episode has flashbacks to a young Cora and you learn the background of her life. Her mental state. Then you wonder, was she a victim? What do her parents have to do with how she is now?
Each episode delves deeper into the characters: Cora, Mason, Detective Ambrose.

First, BINGE WATCH IT NOW!! There are two episodes left and episode 7 is supposed to reveal EVERYTHING. It might be hard to follow, if so, re-watch that episode, so that you can understand. We’re still trying to figure out what her husband is hiding!

Bill Pullman is Detective Ambrose. Well, he has an interesting background. Ambrose has a lot of personal issues, but he actually advocates for Cora, which is interesting. Ambrose is struggling with issues with his wife and his desires. Maybe he is like Cora in some ways. Lost and trying to find himself.

The mission is trying to figure out how exactly everyone is connected and what event or events connects them. Watch it and YOU try to connect the dots. There is even a Facebook Group for the show. The theories are amazing!

This show has been an great step up after the season finale of Game of Thrones!