Twisted Mines


Release Date: 21 December 2015
Created by: Jonathan Carter
Production Co: What’s Reel Entertainment
Stars: Kenneth Strong, Porsha Ferguson, Erika Coleman, and Blue Kimble


Review by Kate Oliver

Well, I was a little confused about the storyline. Omari is on house arrest, but it doesn’t tell you how that happened. You see dancing in the street (which I totally love!) in one scene and then BOOM he’s fussing with Kim about being on house arrest. Andrea (Omari’s girlfriend) is straight hood and it’s entertaining. Personally, the tongue clucking is rather annoying, but it works for her. Boykin plays her very well!!

From what I can gather in that one episode, the potential is there. There are quite a few stories in this one. I am actually interested to see what happens between Tara and Dave because it looks like a total front, but that’s none of my business. LOL!
I do want to find out what happens between Omari and Kim (his step-mother). It’s definitely strained. Being a stepmother once, I hope that relationship repairs itself (with effort from Kim and Omari).
I can tell you that I don’t like Cynthia from that first episode. Nope. Not one bit. Back in my day, we called ladies like her “trifling”. LOL.