Titans Gets Super


Superboy is joining the Titans, but it’s been a long road to get there. Originally teased at the end of season one this version of Superboy has been an ace in the hole for the team but has yet to make a real appearance until now.

Of course all of that is about to change and drastically alter the tone of the show with it. But first we need an origin story. It’s true, I got on the show’s case for taking a detour from the main story a few weeks ago, especially after a cliffhanger at the end of the episode, but it’s a departure that makes sense in this case.

Conner Kent is a complex character and without some kind of explanation of who he is and why he showed up it ends up being bad storytelling. For those that aren’t familiar with the comics, Conner is the end result of a science experiment at Cadmus Labs that spliced the genes of both Superman and Lex Luthor.  Not only that, because he’s a clone he’s essentially brand new and doesn’t know how the world works. You could build a whole show around him and it would work.

This creates a very complex character. In theory he’s basically a young Superman but because he carries traits of both Lex and Clark he’s in constant conflict not only to keep his evil inclinations at bay but define his own personal identity.

While this isn’t the first time he’s appeared in live action (Smallville tried it) the Titans version of Conner does hold the closest to the source material. Not only that but he also has a very cute Super companion with him as well, Krypto, for most of the episode. Once again Titans manages to take characters that would otherwise be considered punch lines to jokes and make them badass. The whole concept of Super pets is crazy but not only does the show give a valid explanation for it but it makes clear that you do not want to mess with Krypto.

To give away any more would be to rob the show of its surprises and that’s not fun for anyone. But Titans is creating a world that really does seem to be a live action version of Young Justice. Which is almost ironic since DC just revived that show and is still creating fresh stories for that series.

The hour that we get with Conner is the Superboy movie we never got to see. It handles both his origins and his development extremely well.  Bringing Conner in will shift the entire dynamic of the show. Not only is Lex Luthor now likely to make an appearance but the team will have to deal with someone that has powers far greater than their own. That means the villains are going to have to step up their game. Expect things to get very interesting moving forward.