Titans Drops a Bombshell in an Otherwise Slow Episode


This week’s Titans wasn’t the game changer most of the other episodes but that doesn’t mean it was bad, it’s still finding its flow. If anything the episode worked as a transition to the halfway mark of the first season as all the elements fall into place. WARNING: spoilers ahead.

The Titans are in a strange place right now. Rachel has found her birth mom and the  team has been staying there while she gets reacquainted with her But something is wrong with Kori. When Rachel tries to get in her and fix her it things go bad and Kori taps into her powers and tries to kill her. Confused she runs off with Donna and Dick following close behind.

From there the episode splits into two very different genres. Rachel and her mother stick to a very moody horror film while Dick’s journey ends up much more science-fiction. It doesn’t always gel but thankfully the groundwork has been laid down so it’s not totally jarring for the audience.

Both stories end up colliding as Kori finds her ship and realizes her true purpose for coming to Earth: to kill Rachel so she won’t unleash a world killing demon. Strangely the entire thing is foretold in a book, a plot device that was used recently in DC’s Elseworlds storyline from last week. It will be interesting to see if the company decides to tie the two ideas together, especially since both involve shattered dimensions.

Nothing is really solved but we do get to see our first look at the real Big Bad of the season. After so much build-up we finally meet Trigon. Truthfully it was a little underwhelming seeing him appear in human form but I guess they don’t’ want to show their full hand yet.

The series itself has taken a direction I didn’t expect and it will be interesting to see where it leads. There are a lot more surprises ahead and you know we’ll be watching.