The ‘Royal We’ on Young Justice Outsiders


We begin the episode with a PSA from an alternate-world Beast Boy, of all things, reminding us that this seasons main storyline thus far is the illegal trafficking of meta-humans. So what that in mind, off we go to the United Nations meta-humans summit, already in progress!

Not a single person, human or otherwise, is happy about the current state of affairs, mainly concerning the Justice League. Arguments about hamstringing metas and other Leaguers just trying to do their jobs are flying back and forth, with solid opinions offered from Atlantean and Themiscyrian representatives too.

And the announcement of resignations from several key Justice League members, in protest of their treatment from the U.N. and other world leaders, just doesn’t help anything. Matters are made even worse when the U.N. Secretary General, Lex Luthor himself, speaks his not-peace on the matter, and invites the Markovian ambassador to inform everyone that Markovia has a zero-tolerance policy on allowing in any vigilantes or so-called heroes, at all.

But that isn’t going to stop our Outsiders, not even slow them down! Superboy and Black Lightning are taking a super-cycle under the radar into Markovia to investigate the childrens hospital for clues, and Nightwing and Artemis are going undercover to the Markovian royalty coronation reception, to scope out potential suspects of meta trafficking.

The hotshot geneticist Dr. Ecks seems to be a good bet for a suspect, though the royal family physician Dr. Jace makes the list too. Prince Brion, the one not being crowned, has been speaking to Dr. Jace about trying to activate his dormant meta-genes too, while Prince Gregor seems to have been doing some nasty plotting of his own. Prince Brion and Dr. Ecks leave the party early, ostensibly to go and begin treatments to turn his meta-gene active, of course at the Markovian childrens hospital.

Artemis goes to the Markovian cemetery to retrieve gear left there, and discovers meta traffickers burying what they think are dead bodies, only to find one of them isn’t quite dead yet, and is in some serious need of rescuing.

Meanwhile back at the childrens hospital, Black Lightning and SuperBoy have managed to discover a secret hidden base in the morgue, full of dark experiments apparently being done to convert youngsters into meta-humans by force. An encounter with Count Vertigo and a plasmus creature he calls Otto leads to lots of fighting and a serious need to escape. But poor Jeff manages to hurt himself on the way out, and SuperBoy got himself captured!

Both Dr. Ecks and Dr. Jace have nasty secrets they’re hiding, some even involve Count Vertigo and the meta trafficking ring. But no-one expected Dr. Jace herself to be the one to put both SuperBoy and Prince Brion in the experimental cocoon chambers and flip the switch to start the black sludge filling them up!

Tune in next time to help our heroes hunt down meta-human traffickers, and save the Justice League from the United Nations’ wrath!