The Perfection A Perfect Netflix Movie


Overview: Musical prodigy once on top of the world must leave the life of luxury to care for her mother. When her mother dies, she returns to that world to meet the beautiful and exceptionally talented young woman who took her place.

Sexual tension and dramatic dialogue open up this shocking and amazing film by Richard Shephard. While slow to start, it quickly accelerates into a mess of horrifying visions and stomach turning scenes. If you have a weak stomach, this is your warning. It is not gore porn but it does get graphic. The concept is old but the plot is new and exciting, the leading ladies take us on a trip that ends with a bang. 


Cons: Slow to start, it seemed more like a drama than horror at first, they really bring it together about 20 minutes in so don’t give up on it. I feel like all of the sexual build up in the beginning was unnecessary, horror movies have sex scenes sure but all of the drama leading up to it made me roll my eyes. That’s a Netflix thing though. 



Pros: This movie really surprised me. I loved how they flashed back, the musical score was beautiful (cudos to Paul Haslinger for an amazing job!) the story line flowed and the cast was fantastic. Logan Browning gave a stellar performance, she made me feel anxious and intensely uncomfortable and that made me want more! Stephen Weber has once again delivered a great performance and managed to make me hate his guts and cheer for his fate. He is NOT likeable in this movie at all, which speaks volumes for his talent. 

The darkness in this movie is so subtle yet Charlotte (Williams) and Lizzie (Browning) bring it together beautifully and seamlessly. The rage is evident in the final violent scenes, and the ending left me speechless. 


I started this movie thinking to myself “this isn’t going to end well” as Netflix has not put out a movie with a good ending in a while. The Perfection is absolutely worth your time, maybe not the best movie I’ve seen this year but definitely top 5. You can put it on your shelf next to “I spit on your Grave” with a clear conscience…