The Nun Lacks a Pulse


From the beginning of this film one must prepare for an onslaught of jump scares. This film is almost unrelenting in its attack. However, even with an interesting storyline, and scary thematic elements, this film does NOT earn it’s R-rating.

Most of the movie is shrouded in blurring darkness, and by that I don’t mean evil, I mean it can be difficult to see some of the things going on because they darkened the movies images so much. I did like the story and the movie despite some of the typical movie tropes (not enough light, chasing after the thing trying to kill you, etc).
I will say this though; there were some interesting twists in the story and a fantastic tie in to the first film. The storyline follows a father who is tasked with finding out what happened at a certain Convent in Romania where a nun took her own life, which is a very damnable offense. The father takes with him a new nun, who hasn’t even taken her full vows yet, but had a propensity towards visions. The Nun and the priest are sent to the Romanian Convent in order to deduce what happened.
Upon their arrival the meet up with a local who describes the situation that he encountered that is seeing the nun. he takes them up to the convent during the day and things go south quickly as the sun descends quickly, turning the whole place into a pitch black prison. Both the nun and the priest have to stay overnight an encounter a few nuns while they’re there who seem to want to offer their assistance in taking care of this great evil that has been released upon the Earth.
As I stated earlier there are plenty of jump-scares creatures flying out of nowhere some fighting, and a very good twist at the end. I do recommend this movie however, as I stated previously, it is definitely not worthy of an R rating, good though it may be. In the end it was an entertaining film. With some good scary moments, excellent effects, and as I mentioned, a good tie into The Conjuring. and if there’s any indication by the response of the audience, then I do recommend you go see this movie