The Legend Of The Kickmaster Is A Boon For Anime Fans


There was a wonderful treat waiting at the inaugural year of InterGalactiCon, where fans of the popular production company Force Stop Entertainment were able to witness the development of a new original series.

The Legend of the Kickmaster is an original story written by Noah Fleder and Johnny Alexander. I must admit I didn’t know what to expect. I have only heard of Noah Fleder’s name through the Force Stop Entertainment Star Wars Fan Videos. If you are fan of anime or just martial arts in general, it’s something you need to check out!

The team and Force Stop Entertainment produced a beautifully made series with non- stop action, comedy and well-defined story; a live action anime. In this series we are introduced to our hero, Noah, who is on a quest to put together a team of powerful martial artists of different fighting styles for his team to go on adventures. As the series goes on you are introduced to various members with strengths in different areas such as strength. confidence, agility, and strategy. Fans can find each of the character’s elements relatable; the emotional one, the one trying to prove their worth, the awkward outcast. It’s all here and just waiting for fans to discover it.

Noah’s never-ending quest to perfect his craft is the main plot line that will fuel this series and there will be plenty of excellent fight cinematography by Tommy Trinh to back that up. The choreography is spot on with some surprising twists that fans will absolutely enjoy.
Director Johnny Alexander and composer Joe Sanders are big anime fans and took many of their cues from epic anime story lines to piece together this project. Every aspect had careful detail from the sound effects to the visual animations for each scene.

The first episode is now available on Youtube as well as the character promo videos for each team member. You can find the link to the episode below.

We are looking forward to bringing you more news about this series and please help the team find their home by sharing with others about the series.