“The Last Blockbuster” Video Store Documentary is Happening!


    Popmotion Pictures, the Bend, Oregon based production company behind the upcoming documentary “Pick It Up! Ska In The 90’s” (one of the most backed music documentaries in Kickstarter history) has completely funded their latest documentary project, “The Last Blockbuster,” via Kickstarter.

    “The Last Blockbuster” is a light-hearted, family-friendly, and officially sanctioned film (currently in production) that chronicles and documents the rise and fall of Blockbuster Video, a chain of over 9,000 stores at its peak, to what is now the last remaining operational Blockbuster Video store in the country (located in idyllic Bend, OR).

    The production team has launched a trailer and Kickstarter campaign to help complete the documentary at: http://bit.ly/TLBlockbuster.

    The project has completely funded, which means the production will absolutely see the light of day, however with just under two weeks remaining on the LIVE Kickstarter project, the team is going to use any additional funds to expand the project with additional special features and ideally can raise enough money to preserve the Last Blockbuster store for eternity (in virtual reality).

    Director Taylor Morden says, “When we started working on this documentary last year there were about a dozen Blockbuster video locations still standing, Now we’re down to just one. As movie lovers and physical media enthusiasts, we took it upon ourselves to uncover the story of why? What makes Bend, Oregon and this store in particular so special? It’s a fun and uplifting story and quite frankly we think the world needs more stories like that these days.”