The Justice League Might be Affleck’s Last Movie as Batman


Rumor has it that Ben Affleck is looking to gracefully exit his role as Batman after his time on Justice League is over.

If true, this would be a rather crushing blow to Warner Bros. who has been modeling most of its extended cinematic universe after the caped crusader. Though not confirmed yet it comes at a horrible time as DC and Warner Bros. still haven’t made their presentation at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend.

Thankfully, and the studio has to be grateful for this, by creating a Batman well into his career as a superhero they leave themselves open for a way to remedy the situation. It is more than possible to continue the Batman franchise and keep it within the DCEU canon by simply following the early stories of Bruce Wayne.

This tactic would give the studio enough time to find a suitable replacement for Affleck but not so soon that anyone would really notice the difference. In theory it wouldn’t be nearly as jarring as the Val Kilmer to George Clooney transformation that Schumacher delivered back in the 90’s. This would keep the continuity intact and satisfy all parties.

Affleck, who has actually done a great job with the material has was given, never truly seemed happy in the role. If he does in fact exit after Justice League at least he will be able to pursue directing without the distraction of the studio looking over his shoulder whenever he strays too far from the franchise.