The Galaxy is in Good Hands with Episode 2 of What If…?


The Ravagers in Guardians of the Galaxy weren’t the smartest bunch in the universe so it would be no surprise if they abducted the wrong kid from time to time. That’s exactly what happens in this week’s What If…? as young T’Challa is abducted instead of Peter Quill. The result is just as crazy and fun as you would imagine.

King T’Challa and Peter Quill couldn’t be more different. That’s never more obvious than when T’Challa takes Peter’s place alongside the Ravagers in Guardians of the Galaxy. T’Challa’s natural empathy makes him a bit of a Robin Hood out there in the universe and it seems like he’s doing real good.

That doesn’t mean there’s no action. Far from it. This week’s episode is framed like a heist with Nebula, The Collector, and the Ravagers in the middle. It’s a bonkers good time that really has fun with the concept. It also marks the last appearance of Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa. He’s obviously having fun in a role that lets the characters be far less conservative than his Wakandan counterpart but it’s still heartbreaking to hear his voice again after more than a year.

If you’re looking for fun easter eggs this is the episode for it. This show is a great opportunity for The MCU to embrace its comic roots further. It also gives characters that you really wish had more screentime the outlet they deserve. There’s a great cameo in here that I won’t ruin that’s totally worth the price of admission.