The Duff – Movie Review


RELEASE DATE: February 20, 2015
Studio: CBS Films
DIRECTOR: Ari Sandel
MPAA Rating: PG-13
SCREENWRITERS: Josh A. Cagan (screenplay), Kody Keplinger (novel)
Stars: Mae Whitman, Robbie Amell, Bella Thorne
Genre: Comedy


IF you are looking for a film to let your teen daughter or son go to and understand the concept of bullying and really, how to find yourself in high school. This may be the film for your teen.
Just being in the theater, the consensus felt like Bianca (Whitman) is the heroine. I mean, who can relate? I can…and oddly enough, it still happens in the adult world. Don’t lie ladies, you know you have that one girlfriend who is more approachable than you are!!

Initially, you will dislike Wesley (Amell), but then you realize, he’s a normal guy, with the same problems as the next guy. Especially with a roller coaster relationship with Madison (Thorne).
Madison, however, you can just hate her. OMG. She is definitely the girl that threatened everyone to get her way. People Magazine she is the ultimate MEAN GIRL. Yes, I would have to agree.

I didn’t read the novel, but the film was great. I loved Bianca’s mom Dottie (Allison Janney). She turned her life around…then basically seminared her daughter…lol. Seminar…you know what I mean!!

I think this film is geared more towards teens. It would be a good mom/daughter movie night or even a group a girls for a weekend movie (cuz there is NO WAY my teen daughter is watching Fifty Shades).
Robbie Amell is pretty comedic, opposite from his rather dramatic character on The Flash ( Yah! He’s Firestorm). He literally shows us abs in this film ladies!!!

My guest mentioned that the good thing about this film is that it didn’t center on sex. That is had a real message. It does!! Cyberbullying is not okay. Bullying is not okay. Believe in yourself. Karma is literally a b***h. TAKE That!! No One is a DUFF. We are our individual selves.