The Current War: In A Word…Elegant!.


This film is the very definition of classy, elegant, and almost regal in it’s presentation. Even amidst the savagery of the mud slinging and cold war like attacks there is still a level of decorum, a way of speaking that didn’t rely on vulgarity, a skill I believe we SORELY lack in today’s society. There is a certain poeticness to this endeavor. Each each storyline built on its own merit yet intersecting with each other. We see the desperation of Thomas Edison to be recognized as the intellect, and the brilliant inventor that he is. We see Mr. Westinghouse, a business giant, and a bit of an inventor himself, striving to find the proper angle to make his next fortune. Last, but not least, we have Nikola Tesla, a brilliant scientist, who unfortunately, due to his inexperience and naivete, suffers at the hand of many. All of them trying to cash in on this new, and exciting, power source… Electricity!

We start with Edison giving a fantastic show for a large group of investors. In the middle of nowhere Edison brings new life by way of a light show using this new form of energy. This sets the stage for the next 2 hours of one of the most eloquently written movies I have seen in years!
Edison creates the perfect bulb and uses the DC current while Tesla and Westinghouse are trying to push the AC current. Edison convinced that the DC claiming that his current is the superior of the two and sets out to prove it. Thus begins the war. Yet as cutthroat at this new field these men still kept a level of external decorum which was admirable.
The saddest part of the film for me was what happened to Nikola Tesla. He was such a brilliant man! So many inventions so much intellect and yet so much is loss.
There is so much obvious effort put into the use of words and language that they almost become their own character. In addition to this the sets, costumes and even the digital backdrops all have the same gorgeous paint strokes that one would expect from masters in their craft. Their back drops and matte paintings were seemless, the costumes I would say rivaled the details put into the same costumes used in “Shakespeare in Love”.

Ones of the elements of this film that I loved is how these 3 separate timelines intertwine and connect. It is a beautiful tapestry of bold colors, subtle language nuances, and well thought out characters! I know I keep mentioning language in this review and I do so because it such an integral part of this film. I mean the way they were able to get across ideas of anger, frustration, even elements of joy and sorrow.

All of these aspects of conversation take on new sheen, a new brilliance, at least for me.
I think this film, even though I was sceptical at first, proved to be an amazing adventure!