The Burning Dead


RELEASE DATE: On VOD from March 3, On DVD from April 7
MPAA Rating: Not yet rated
DIRECTOR: Rene Perez
SCREENWRITER: Jason Ancona, Jeff Miller
Genre: Horror
Stars: Danny Trejo, Thomas Downey, Monique Plante
OH MY GOODNESS!!! This was soooo bad! I mean bad. Lava was CGI…and still bad. Great makeup for the zombies. Still Bad. I think there were takes that were edited wrong. Don’t know….It was HORRIBLE.
Basically, there is a small town near a volcano, that has decided it wants to wake up now. Why…why was there a wannabe photographer not listening to the scientists? Why did she take off her shirt for selfie photos…OMG! Why were the scientists on the mountain anyway? Why did I feel like this was a bad film on the Donner Party? oh…because it was.
It didn’t really tell me who the protector was…by the way…I think that got lost in translation or I was so upset on how bad it was that I missed that explanation.
Lava-filled Zombies! Now I have really heard it all…..I think the best part was the beginning….then it went downhill (no pun intended) from there. The beginning was Night Wolf (Trejo) telling the story of the curse.