The Best of Wizard World Chicago 2017


Wizard World manages to pack a lot of activities into four days. Attendees descended on Rosemont, IL from all over the country to get their geek fix in and Wizard World didn’t disappoint. Though there were many high points below is a list of our top 5 highlights from this year’s show.

  1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Extravaganza!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of those cult films that has only gotten better with age. Though many have gone to midnight shows over the years few moments will top watching the show live with actor Barry Bostwick in person. The movie, which constantly breaks the fourth wall anyways, was elevated to a whole new level of meta with Bostwick on stage enjoying it with the rest of the audience. It was a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  1. Beecake with Billy Boyd

The best parts of Wizard World happen when most people aren’t paying attention. The panels are wonderful but the addition of a main stage in the middle of the lobby created an energy that ran through the entire weekend. That came to a climax with Beecake, the rock band the includes Billy Boyd of Lord the Rings. Watching the celebrity let loose and really have fun surrounded by fans was a truly joyous experience.

  1. Secret Agent Women: A Conversation with Cobie Smulders and Elizabeth Henstridge

Even though it started nearly a half hour late the energy and chemistry between Cobie and Elizabeth made the entire panel a nearly giddy experience. Talking entirely off the cuff fans got to know the personalities of two of the most enthralling women in the entertainment industry.

  1. A Conversation with John Cusack

Cusack was a bit of a wild card at Wizard World. While he’s a very well-known actor he’s not really part of any genre or fandom. He also rarely does interviews, which is why his panel was so fascinating. Though the time itself was changed and Cusack seemed a little rushed his insights into his career were well worth the price of admission.

  1. How to Get Published: From Concept to Under Contract

Let’s not forget that Wizard World started out as a comic book convention. That is why it is always nice to see the show return to its roots and embrace what it means to be a comic book fan. Many of the attendees of the show are not just fans but creators as well and panels such as this one help everyone involved and progress the industry. There needs to be more like this at each show.