The Badger Game


Release Date: September 26, 2014 (USA)
Written By Joshua Wagner, Thomas Zambeck,
Directed By: Josh Wagner, Thomas Zambeck
Runtime: 99 min.
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Drama
Starring: Augie Duke, Patrick Cronen, Jillian Leigh

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1491426_230191717104525_245128471_o1A chronic philanderer falls victim to an extortion scheme when he is abducted by four masked strangers demanding retribution for his sins.

The Badger Game opens with two females in a room bantering back and forth about their “friendship” and a proposal to help each other out with a giant pay day.  The scene’s backdrop is reminiscent of the crime films with a low consistent base strumming in the background while the plot is revealed.

The film is a refreshing look not at the victims and the result of the caper but the culprits themselves.  We get to see the mentality behind what would cause a person to do things that may or may not be in their normal scope of behavior.  The movie has a dark comedic tone that was executed by the leads Augie Duke, Jillian Leigh and Patrick Cronen and usually those performance are unexpected at this level.  All the characters were quite memorable and relatable to the audience in some way.

The Badger Game has its roots in popular crime thrillers such as Oceans 11, The Italian Job and Blood Simple. The story was definitely well written and the cast was definitely up to snuff with the material.  If you can get past some of the low budget technical issues, the story is definitely a fun ride and not something to be missed.

The Badger Game Trailer