That’s My Entertainment talks with the cast of Justice League vs. Teen Titans


The DC Animated Universe continues to expand with the long-awaited Justice League vs. Teen Titans movie which will be available on DVD and streaming next month.  In a trend spurred on by Marvel, the comic book competition, fans have been yearning to see their favorite comic book heroes go head-to-head both in live action and on the small screen. While Justice League vs. Teen Titans does cash in on that phenomenon it plays out much better than expected.

Much of this may have to do with the fact that this is not a simple one-off movie but rather a single chapter in a larger franchise. Ever since DC launched its New 52 a few years ago and rebooted the universe the animation department followed suite and created a brand new timeline for its animated characters, one which has been active since Justice League: War back in 2014.

The Justice League vs. Teen Titans movie finds Batman’s son Damien (last seen in Son of Batman) as the new Robin in the Teen Titans. He arrives just in time to learn that one of his companions is the descendant of the devil-like Trigon who is intent on enslaving the world through an ooze that gives him mind control powers. He quickly uses the ooze on The Justice League and chaos ensues.

“This is Batman as he works in relationship to the Justice League which is a slightly different type of Batman because he works with Damien and Nightwing and the whole Bat family. The Justice League is functioning pretty well at this point but Damien really isn’t fitting in so he sends him off to Teen Titans,” explains the movie’s Batman, Jason O’Mara.

“I almost think there are three personas now. There’s Bruce Wayne, Batman and Batman around Damien as a father,” he notes. “I take it scene-by-scene and let the scene dictate where he’s going to be and let the dialogue do the talking and listen to the story that the writer is trying to set out for each scene.”

Relationships continue to be a driving force throughout each film. “I think with Justice League stuff I think a big part of it is the relationship between Superman and Batman. There are some big egos at play there,” says Jerry O’Connell, the film’s Superman. “Playing Superman, a big part of that role his relationship with Batman and as far as I’m concerned that is one of the most important aspects.”

Who will win the battle of the Titans vs the League? Find out for yourself when the movie premieres on DVD and steaming devices on April 12