Sunshine Brings A Sadness That You Won’t Forget


Genre: Horror/Drama/Short
Short film coming soon by Michael Tracy
Starring: Rebecca Hanssen, Colin MacDougall, Julie Martis

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A married man has been having an affair with a younger woman, but she won’t let it end without consequences.
Michael Tracy, known for some short films such as Question is cooking up a new project that is deep and foreboding. The name of the new project is Sunshine. When a married man gets involved with a younger woman and has to break it off, the trouble begins.  All the while you hear a voice singing “You are my sunshine… my only sunshine.” This crime/drama/horror of affairs is stylized giving the teaser an almost a dirty feeling to it that makes you wonder how innocent this young woman really is. The film is directed, produced and written by Michael Tracy and the stars Rebecca Hanssen and Colin MacDougall.

The film is currently in post production and will be released in festivals and digital.

Check out the trailer below!