‘Stan Against Evil’ Season 3 Premiere: Don’t crap an apple!


So, it’s a good thing there was an official Stan Against Evil recap of the bullet points of the previous seasons, and we can just dive right into this, shovels up!

Episode 1: Hell is What You Make It

It’s the Next Day in good ole Willard’s Mill for Stan (John C. McGinley) and Evie (Janet Varney) on their way to work at the Sheriffs station, except it totally isn’t. The station is a wreck, the newspapers report the worlds’ literally gone to hell, and oh yeah, the cabin they used is gone too. This means they both have to go looking for some people to shake answers out of.

Killing a demon is supposed to be old hat for Evie at this point, except it turns out that she actually killed her buddy Stan instead, and it landed her in a mental hospital, being briskly interrogated by Dr. Edmonds (T.C. Carson).

Elsewhere in the morgue, Stan is getting rudely awakened and given some good lessons in karma and hell-gates by Gerard Duqette himself, culminating in the epic screw-off line of advice to Stan: “Good can’t defeat evil, not by itself. You gotta find a bigger evil, and let a little in.”

Here in Willard’s Mill especially, things are hardly ever what they appear to be, and none know it more so than Stan and Evie. And even though they may have solved the mystery of the opening episode of Season 3 of Stan Against Evil, it’s clear Duqette’s influence is going to be felt throughout the season!

Ep 2 The Hex Files

It appears as though it’s possible that the supernatural community of Willard’s Mill have issues with the man-made construct that is daylight savings time, but that appears to also have been the only thing that saved Judy from being murdered just like the rest of the Black Hat Society.

This new mystery heralds the arrival of the rather familiar-looking Agents Fleming and Nesbit, who claim to be of the New Hampshire Department of Paranormal Phenomenon or NHSBPP, though officially no-one’s ever heard of them. Agent Nesbit (Valerie Tosi) with her autumn orange hair is rather desperate to stick to the science of investigation, even here in the determinedly un-scientific air of Willards Mill, while Agent Fleming (Chris Dougherty) fully believes in all of it, and keeps dropping unsubtle hints about things like crop squares and government-made sasquatches.

Poor Judy, despite surviving the initial burning of the Black Hat Society, seems to have gotten it into her head that summoning a demon called Haurus and sending him after her enemies would be a good idea. So after carving her butter into a chicken, because witches do that apparently, Judy sets her sights on taking out the baddies in Willards Mill by summoning a worse villain to do worse-er things to them!

As with the previous episode, appearances are quite deceiving around here, and the varying degrees of villainy are very definitely in the eye of the beholder. It doesn’t look as though the newly-formed Judy is going anywhere, which means hey, Stan may have another supernatural ally to call upon when Duqette rears his ugly head!