‘Stan Against Evil’ Season 2 Premiere Episodes



Episode 1: ‘Black Hat Society Part 1’

Welcome back to the insane supernatural world of Willard’s Mill, forever in progress! When we last left our heroes, heroines, bad guys and losers, Sheriff Evie was in a serious pickle, so let’s dive right in to save her, yet again!

Our favorite former Sheriff Stan Miller (John C. McGinley) can simply never catch a break, we know this. He knows damned well this alternate Willard’s Mill, with freaking Leon (Nate Mooney) as the Sheriff, simply isn’t right. Something’s not right, something’s missing, perhaps someone. And we all know by now, when our favorite curmudgeon Stan gets a bee in his bonnet, neither heaven nor the underworld will prevent him from getting to the bottom of things!

Willard’s Mill has a witches coven, because of course it does, duh. And inevitably, like all the other reluctant-grin-inducing humor of the town, this particular coven is called the Black Hat Society. The BHS has tons of prophecies and yes, this disappearance of Evie brings one of the major ones about Stan to the forefront. Stan is “the prophesied one”, after all. He has all kinds of stuff to take care of, but for right now, gotta go dig up a grave.

Anywhere else but Willard’s Mill, and we might look at you funny. But no, a wraith was buried in this nasty grave with the faded ‘Barret’ marker, and only Stan can deal with it!

John McGinley, Janet Varney – Photo Credit: Kim Simms/IFC

Episode 2: ‘Black Hat Ssociety Part 2’

How exactly does a wraith in a grave from more than a hundred years ago still have eyes? What are wraith eyes like, anyways? Well whatever. Stan has the two eyeballs and uses them to go through a special room in the old Eccles farm to go way back to the 1600’s, to attend Evie Barret’s (Janet Varney) execution.

Wait, what? It turns out, Constable Thaddeus Eccles (Randall Newsome) was in charge of law, if you can call it that, in Willard’s Mill way back in somewhere around 1698 or so. And Eccles was a bad, bad man. Eckles sent his own daughter Constance, herself a budding witch, through time to do battle with anyone who might try to stop him here in the present, and that of course means fighting Stan and Evie and anyone else who might try to stop them!

Constance herself seems to have inherited her fathers sense of the ridiculous use of witchcraft and sorcery, which she clearly demonstrates when she smooshes together a pair of hapless teenagers to use as fodder sent against Stan and company. Stan’s own daughter Denise (Deborah Baker Jr.) usually gets the best one-liners of the show, everything from bad names for a home tooth-cleaning service to the smirking result of the two-in-one being hit by a car: “Teenagers sure are full of goo!”

Perhaps the best thing about our griping, forever-tired sourpuss of a retired Sheriff Stan, is his giant heart. For all that he bitches about all the supernatural nonsense going on around him, Stan never lets it get him down completely. He spent these first two episodes of Season 2 trying desperately to bring Evie back, and in the end, as he confronts Constance Eccles and could’ve killed her, his mercy and gigantic heart is what saved all of Willard’s Mill. And as a thank-you for Stan’s kindness, Constance Eccles left him a clue we all found intriguing: ‘Find Gerard Ducett, and may God help you.’

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