‘Stan Against Evil’ S3, Ep 3 & 4: Want Some Shame Fudge? David Koechner Has Plenty!


Ep 3 ‘Larva of my Life’: You say you want a larval-ution! Every town has a Lenny, or someone very like him, who has to dress up in a funny costume and rant at the passerby for their passivity, and Willard’s Mill is no different.

David Koechner, Janet Varney – Episode 303, Larva

Leonard Wallinski (Eddie Pepitone) was the main guy to call for birthday parties, according to Leon as he and Evie investigate the disturbance, until one little girl’s Princess obsession ruined the whole gig. Well, whatever, the erotic bakery is known as ‘Caligula’s Fist’ home of the excellent sticky buns, is now gone and replaced with Tucker Fong’s Curiosity Pagoda, so let’s go check it out!

Evie’s daughter must be as odd as she is since Evie wants to get a statue of a bug on a toadstool for her kids birthday, but the Gremlins-knockoff proprietor of the shop insists it’s for the angry man, you know, Stan. Then, of course, Evie’s ex Kenny has to show up, to tell Evie he can’t take their daughter for her birthday, and inevitably get himself involved in the latest Willard’s Mill shenanigans too!

Barbara Ann Duffy, Vera Duffy, John C. McGinley – Episode 303, Larva

I swear Stan will drink with anyone, even the freeloading ex of Evie. But Kenny is now undergoing some serious changes after a round of gift-giving if you can call it that, and wants to include Evie in his new larval-ution!

Meanwhile, Denise went to the square, where a miniature of Willard’s Mill township has been built, to jam weirdly with her friends. A model of the town, the perfect size for a fight between a giant moth-man and an angry man in a gorilla costume, you say? That’s perfect! Everyone needs a super-soaker full of Ipecac.

David Koechner- Episode 303, Larva

Ep 4 ‘The Demon Who Came in From the Heat’: Diarrhea of the mouth, constipation of the brain!

Well, they say people who like those awful roadside attractions like ‘Hank Hurley’s Hamster Yurt’ deserve what’s coming to them anyway, so those poor youngsters out looking for adventure must’ve been jerkwads to get taken out by the Collector of Souls.

After Denise’s little brush with again attempting to feed the sewer pigeons, Stan needs a plumber. And while the plumber showed up suspiciously fast and has never read about C.H.U.D.s, despite being a demon sent to kill Stan, Bill (Scott Adsit) seems to be a halfway decent fellow. At least the kind of guy Stan can drink awhile with, and hey, wasn’t there something about Stan doing a beer with damn near anyone awhile back? Weird.

Elsewhere, Denise and Kevin are off to canoodle, she actually uses that word wow, together in a parked car, when they discover the two dead bodies from the beginning of the episode. And since Stan and Evie are busy with Bill the demon trying to research a particular spell, nothing would do but to call in Deputy Leon to investigate the dead pair.

John C. McGinley, Janet Varney, Scott Adsit – Episode 304, The

So, thanks to Stan’s impatience and perhaps a little loneliness, Denise and Kevin have been conscripted and its time to do a demonic ritual in a graveyard full of Constable Eccles’ victims, to try and reverse the passage between the lands of the living and the dead. Which, once you say it out loud and all, doesn’t seem like a terrific idea. Between Bill the demons betrayal and the Collector of Souls showing up, there’s never a dull moment in Willard’s Mill!