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Stan Against Evil and Ash vs Evil Dead: Fans Unite – A Call to Action



It is no secret that Stan Against Evil and Ash vs Evil Dead are “on the bubble” at IFC and STARZ. Neither show has been renewed by their respective networks. These two series have roots firmly planted in popular culture.

Similar Yet Different

In the case of Stan Against Evil, creator Dana Gould a lifelong lover of horror and comedy is a bona fide geek. He wears his badge proudly. With a background in stand up and a pedigree writing for shows like The Simpsons, he knows the genre like the back of his hand.

Conceived as a hybrid of The X-Files with a dash of Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Gould has created a truly fun slapstick series with Stan Against Evil. While the show has been compared to Ash vs Evil Dead, there are differences. Stan has more practical effects with an emphasis on humor.

Ash vs Evil Dead is more gore centric with snappy one liners but the thrust is more hardcore. Blood flows more freely on AVED because that is what the fans expect.

The legendary franchise was born in Michigan and created by Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert.  With a fan base that has followed Ash Williams exploits over three decades, the main reason why this series happened is because the fans demanded it.

Both shows are labors of love and can co-exist in the same space and time. They were fashioned for the denizens of Comic Cons, weekend cosplayers and those adults who never quite fit in as kids.

The Proposition

For those of you that are fans of AVED, I created #bringbackboomstick. This originated as a campaign to get STARZ to give the start date for season three. Now, it has graduated to a way of getting social media attention for the show which is in danger of cancellation.

There is strength in numbers. I enjoy both Stan Against Evil and Ash vs Evil Dead. What I am about to propose may seem radical but trust me, it isn’t. What if the fanbases joined forces? Think of it as a Justice League of Horror fans united for the common goal of helping these shows stay on the air.

Honestly, Ash and Stan share common traits. They are average guys who are a little past their prime. Both men would much rather be taking it easy but instead are forced into circumstances beyond their control. You can see where I am going with this.

Shows have been rescued from the brink before look at Roswell, Chuck and Friday Night Lights. Fans have powerful voices. To prove my point, look at the recent returns of The X-Files and Twin Peaks.

Furthermore, Bruce Campbell and John C. McGinley are brothers in horror. In my article at 1428 Elm on Bruce, he had this to say when he was asked if there was a particular genre show that he didn’t enjoy, “I don’t want to cast aspersions on my entertainment brothers. I will never be in competition with Ash vs Evil Dead. We are brothers in horror. I won’t pick on my peers.”

These shows were created for fans of the horror genre. If you take a look around, you will notice that there is no programming like this on network television or on cable for that matter. Stan Against Evil and Ash vs Evil Dead should be preserved.

The Plan

If we can come together as a united fanbase, then we can get IFC and STARZ to pay attention. To use a broken-down cliché that unfortunately is apropos to the situation at hand, “It takes a village.”

The time is now. Stan is airing its final episode next Wednesday. Ash vs Evil Dead doesn’t start season three until February. We need to keep these shows in front of their respective networks so that they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

On social media, (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and whatever other platforms you can think of) tell IFC and STARZ that you want to see SAE and AVED get renewed. Be creative and use gifs or memes. If you have any memorabilia, show that as well.

Most importantly, both networks are focused on who launches their apps. I cannot stress how vital this is to the campaign. Tell them that you have the app or that you subscribe to their channels. IFC and STARZ need to know that there are viewers out there to justify renewal.

Use the following hashtags for AVED #bringbackboomstick. For SAE, #keepstankilling and #shovelsupseason3. Let’s start trending! If you love these shows, let the networks know it!

Also, if you aren’t doing so already follow the shows and the cast on social media. If you are on Twitter, follow @IFC, @StanAgainstEvil, @JohnCMcGinley, @janetvarney, @Deborahbakerjr, @danagould, @AshvsEvilDead, @STARZ, @GroovyBruce, @ImDanaDeLorenzo, @RealRaySantiago, @RealLucyLawless, and @robtapert.

Make sure that you also interact with fan clubs and sites (if you aren’t doing so already) like @jcmfanclub, @stanagstevlfan, and @BOTLpodcast (Bruce on the Loose podcast). On Facebook, Bruce Campbell Fan Club, Bring Back Boomstick, Stan Against Evil and Stan Against Evil Fan Club.

I won’t lie to you. It is going to be an uphill battle but if we stay focused and committed, this could be the type of movement to get results. Remember, anything is possible if you believe, have determination and perseverance.




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