“Sorry to Bother You” is a Satisfyingly Hilarious Satire


This film, based in an alternate present-day Oakland, focuses on the life of an average everyday guy Cassius Green, who works as a telemarketer trying to make a living for him and his girlfriend. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The director, Boots Riley, recreates the mundane struggles of life into this exaggerated storyline that just keeps you laughing the whole time.

As the story progresses the key to Cassius Green’s new found success in telemarketing is his “white voice”, explained to him in the film by the ever so smooth Danny Glover, who plays his coworker Langston.

As the plot thickens you see Green go through an internal struggle with his own morals and ethics, as well as, issues with his friends and family as the surrounding society seems to be erupting around him.

The film, although a comedy, definitely leaves the audience reflecting on today’s current events. That’s what makes this film worth watching.

The humor was at times over the top, there are definitely a few WTF moments, and there is one giant plot twist. And with all that I think the film was well thought out and pieced together to create a resonance for the audience.

That said if you do watch this film, you will not forget it, so check it out and look at life a bit differently.