Sometimes Dead is Better. “Pet Semetary” Remake Not Worth The Trouble.


Remakes are hit or miss, mainly miss in my opinion. It is a rare occasion when a new adaptation surpasses its predecessor and takes reign in the minds of the collective audience.

The new Pet Sematary, directed by Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer, is NOT one of those occasions.

What is most disappointing is everything was there: the actors, the story, the reputation, all the ingredients for a great film and yet this one was worse than the roadkill it portrays.

I knew the film was going south, when in the first half I had laughed more than I had jumped from suspense. The exposition gets drawn out to a slow crawl, jamming most of the meat of the film into the last third or so. This would be understandable if details of the individuals’ fears were fleshed out and elaborate, but by the time you are walking out of the theatre you have more questions than answers in a film that should have come full circle.

The performances put on by Jason Clarke and Amy Seimetz who played Dr. Louis and Rachel Creed were convincing on their own but did not work together well. Their daughter Ellie, played by Jeté Laurence, and to no fault of her own, lacked the scare factor her character should have had.

And then, there’s the awkward CGI effects added in that looked like they were done for the first film in the 80’s, and not in a good way. Seriously, were talking a few steps up from floating heads on a green screen.

Overall, there was a comedic undertone that never went away. Nothing was convincing and the story is split multiple ways and never tied together.

Stephen King wrote, “Sometimes, dead is better.” Oh, the irony…this film should have never been brought back.