SLLACC: A Tribute to Adam West


On Saturday, October 28th, Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con brought forth a cast reunion of the classic Batman ’66 television series to honor the late, great Bright Knight, Adam West. The panel was hosted by filmmaker Kevin Smith and KROQ DJ Ralph Garman, who both regularly host the popular showbiz-themed podcast “Hollywood Babble-On”. Joining the “Babble Brothers” onstage were cast members Burt Ward (Robin) and Lee Merriwether (Catwoman in the 1966 film version).

The two shared some of their fondest memories of West, whom they each agreed was just as warm and lovable in real life as he was on TV. Merriwether recalled West being the whole reason she had auditioned for the 1966 film, however when she saw him at the auditions she vey nervously fidgeted her hands like a cat, which no doubt contributed to her getting the part of Catwoman.

Ward shared a gruesome but humorous story from the very first day of shooting the pilot episode in which he was selected to perform his own stunt due to his double going on a coffee run with West. The stunt in question featured Batman and Robin racing out of the Batcave in the famous Batmobile. During the take, Ward’s passenger side door unexpectedly flew open and he was nearly ejected from the vehicle. He managed to catch himself from falling out, but in doing so he completely dislocated his little finger. Since the crew desperately needed the shot, they made Ward do several more takes over the course of 5 hours before he finally made it to the hospital; all because Adam decided to take his double with him to get coffee.

The panel concluded with a small tease for West’s final performance as Batman in the 2017 animated film, “Batman vs. Two Face”, which also stars Ward and Merriwether.