Skyscraper: Lofty ideas? I think not!


So, here we come , once again to the theater, snacks in hand, with the idea of “Oh brother here comes another Hollywood knock off.”, and while there were some minor similarities to another Hollywood blockbuster about skyscrapers this movie stands firmly on its own two feet!

We start out with a hostage situation, guy locked in a cabin with his family FBI in to calm things down only to have it escalate horribly!

Ten years later we see Dwayne Johnson getting ready for a meeting a long time in the making. He now has a family and his own business dealing with security for businesses. Early on in the film we find out that he has lost his leg, in the accident, and now wears a prosthetic limb. After some playful banter with his wife, played by a wonderfully re-newed Neve Campbell, and I must add, it was GREAT to see her back on the silver screen especially playing this kind of character. Anyway, back to it! As I said there is some playful banter between Dwayne and Neve and then of they go, her to a zoo, and him to his meeting.

Sam’s (Dwayne) meeting is with one of the most wealthy individuals in the world, who has build THE largest skyscraper in history. It is not long however before things go array (C’mon! You knew this was coming! Lol!) Of course all Hell breaks loose, but evrn though it happens fairly quickly it was still handled well, with the most interesting part being how they handled Neve’s character she is no soft-spoken Damsel in Distress, but rather a trained combat veteran who holds her own against Dwayne Johnson’s character. Both parents are smart and resourceful and ready for the action presented to them because of their training. This is the element that made the film most enjoyable!

There are several moments for gasping, arm-grabbing, bad cheering, as well as spots for the “oh man!” moments. The crew at ILM does a fantastic job on building the skyscraper which included flames, explosions and (my favorite part) debris! All masterfully done!

I actually find myself highly recommending this film! I would, in fact see it again (if normal tickets weren’t so expensive. Lol!). Anyway go and check out this film you’ll have a blast! (Yes, pun intended)